Basic TCW Rules

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Basic TCW Rules

Post  GM Shayne Dae on Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:14 pm

This will be kept short and sweet.

1. No spamming. Spammers will be deleted and their accounts terminated.

2. Abuse of any sort will not be tolerated. Ribbing and having fun is encouraged, but if you make personal attacks on anyone, your account will be deleted.

3. Once signed into a contract I expect you to sign up in the forums. Failure to do so within 3 days of accepting the contract, Management has the right to use your character in whatever way we see fit.

4. After a week of inactivity, Management has the right to use your character in whatever way we see fit. If you are going to be inactive for a while, please post in the "AFK" thread.

5. Let's use a standard way of writing up role plays. Use italics for actions and scene descriptions, bold and color your wrestler name and text for talking. For example:

Bocephus is seen standing in front of a vending machine in a crowded hallway just hours before the next show is to begin. He is alternating pounding on the glass, and pressing random buttons on the control panel.

Bocephus: "Dang nabit! This here piece of junk done ate my buck and didn't gimme my cookies!"

6. All out of character posts in the roleplay sections should be preceded with an Ooc: and enclosed in "[]".

7. Keep it PG-13 or cleaner. There are children that play this game.

8. Do not use another character in your role plays without first having permission from that person.

9. This is a game. Have fun!
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